A Tribute To A Father

Every now and then WE look back
Every now and then WE think back
Every now and then We travel down memory lane
WE acknowledge that Dada was a blessed gain
WE remember how he brought us up as he trained us to be dignified citizens of God’s church and the world
WE are mesmerized at how he nurtured, secured and endured life through thick and thin
How Dada loved each of us unconditionally
Joe, Bloomie, Hanna, Mike and Pam
WE embrace his love which speaks still today
Through the legacy, rich legacy which Dada left with us.

Bishop Witlive Charles Hamilton
A man of God, a true and dedicated one-of-a kind father to his family
A father to the fatherless
An ambassador for God through Bermuda, Central and South America, Caribbean Islands
A leader, a guide, a man after God’s own heart
God lent him to us, but forever will be a treasure in our thought

From the days of making us shoes for church, work or school
Dada was determined that WE, his children, learned the golden rule
Be kind to every one WE meet
Be respectful to everyone WE greet
And in his famous words, never put off for tomorrow what you can do today

WE miss you Dada
But we know you have fought a battle for the Lord
Your footprints have been planted in the sands of time
You showed us how to make our lives sublime
You taught us
A chain is not stronger than its weakest link
So we stand strong together, WE salute you, WE cherish your memory
WE thank God for you as you are included in the scripture
“How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace”

Humbly submitted by THE FAMILY