Gospel Ministry

Gospel Ministry

The Church of God and Saints of Christ was re-established in November 1896 by Prophet William Saunders Crowdy who was Elijah in the spirit. The local churches in Jamaica are found in the parishes of Morant Bay, St. Mary, Old Habour Bay, Montego Bay, Lucea and Yallahs. The international body is made up of tabernacles located in the United States of America, South Africa, Bermuda, and Birmingham, England and Ontario, Canada. Bishop Robert D. Grant, Chief Executive Officer, is the pastor of the church in Cleveland, Ohio.

The late Bishop Howard L. Chase took the gospel of Christ to the shores of Jamaica in 1931. This dedicated leader was and still is a great inspiration to the saints of Jamaica. Bishop W.C. Hamilton was also a man of God who was well loved by the saints and did his best in teaching the people the ways of God. Today, Bishop Albert E. Hall (Executive Officer), is the leader of the West Indian, South and Central American diocese and is the pastor of the church in Morant Bay.

When the Prophet re-established the church, it was designed with many offices that made the church of a well-structured body. The ministry was well defined with men holding such offices as Bishops, Evangelists, Elders and Deacons, etc. The highest of these being that of a Bishop. God set men in the ministerial body to guide and teach the church as the scripture says in Ephesians 4:2.

The highest governing body in the Church is the Presbytery Board. The Board governs the church just has the disciples governed the church back in the ancient days after Christ had ascended (Acts 1:23-26). It is made up of twelve ministers, whose job it is to ordain brothers to the ministry.

The spreading of the Word of God is the most vital aspect of kingdom building. The Bishop sends ministers out in the field to win souls for the Lord. Generally, field work is not an easy task for a minister, but the help of God he is determined and persistent to do God’s bidding. The minister will apply many techniques in spreading the gospel. This may be by going from house to house sharing the knowledge of God with families or having street meetings in the form of service. The church has used other media such as radio and cable television for hosting services.

Church of God and Saints of Christ presents a gospel that is usually said to be unheard of, yet it is not new, as it was from the days of the apostles Peter and Paul. The bible is used in all instances to prove what is taught and preached to the saints and nothing is left to the imagination, as the Word of God is truth.

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