For This Cause Man Was Created


The question arises; what is man’s purpose in this life? It is a sure thing that the answer to this question would vary.One may respond; for us to enjoy God’s creation, for us to have houses, land, money, and everything else that goes with that. Very few would say to worship the Most High God and produce after our kind.

Now the bible talks about two fig trees; one that Jesus cursed and immediately it withered and the other that the dresser asked for mercy and time to “dig around and dung the fig tree” to see if it would bear. It is not uncommon to hear the comment “the church is not growing”. When the statement is examined, it would appear to be accurate. There is a problem and that is called Barrenness. This word means “not being able to produce anything”. If this is happening they are several things to consider;

  1. Are the reproductive organs malfunctioning?
  2. Is the productive cycle being maintained?
  3. Is the nutritional intake healthy?
  4. Has professional help being sought?

Let us examine the scriptures in (St. Luke 13: 7 where it clearly states; “Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, behold these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and found none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?” The dresser begged for mercy so he could dig around and dung it just to see if it would produce. Jesus came expecting to find fruit on this particular fig tree.He had a caretaker there tending to the tree for three years and yet it was still barren.Can you imagine preparing for guests to visit, preparing and pouring drinks into a pitcher and placing it in the refrigerator.Unknown to you, the container is defective and the drink begins to slowly leak from the container.You continue your preparations for the arrival of your guests and the container is still leaking.The guests finally arrive and it is time to serve them the refreshments you have so painstakingly prepared.You open the refrigerator to find that the container in which you had poured the beverage is empty.What an embarrassment! Barrenness is embarrassing in any context.

Some people are called to be barren for the gospel’s sake, but are required to produce otherwise. Each week in church, the Pastor pours into your spirit what is received from God. However, it is evident that there is no growth. Something is wrong! God may decide to give you mercy, so it becomes necessary to dig and dung your roots. This process is very painful. Digging and dunging may cause one to become frustrated and sometimes lose faith. In the digging process sometimes pieces of the root gets cut off.Some areas have to be stripped and it may even cause bleeding. Nobody likes to bleed, but Jesus went through it for us. If you are able to bear it, you will not be in the position to be embarrassed anymore. You will begin to produce.

When one is able to accept the “dunging and digging” in ones life, the result is abundant production of fruit.It becomes extremely important to share what you have received.You are so filled now that you are flowing and running over.It is just too much for you to keep to yourself. It causes you to start eating healthily.You are in contact with the Lord more and more; you are enjoying wonderful fellowship with Him. When you hear the word of God, you are able to absorb it like a sponge and still have enough spilling over. You now make the dresser of your vineyard happy that he pleaded on your behalf because you are not only just producing, but producing abundantly. What is more, you are producing good fruits.. Let us serve the Lord with all our might and produce good fruits after our kind. For this cause man was created!