Spreading the gospel is not an easy task but with God’s help we did it! In 1999 the saints of Montego Bay’s tabernacle journeyed to Lucea, Hanover spreading the undefiled gospel of Jesus Christ. We had house to house talks, street meetings, singing and oh I tell you their reaction was as though they wanted to exchange blows. Nevertheless, some sought to understand the truth about the Kingdom of God.

We were fully armed according to Ephesians 6:11-20.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. . that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

As time went by the saints were blessed to occupy a Basic school on Millers Drive where they rented the premises to have services. Indeed, this district needed spiritual watering, so they did and left the rest to God.

For the first time on Tebeth 29, 1999 the saints held the beginning of the Sabbath service. They sung the opening hymn, I Love thy Church Oh God, prayed and continued in the rehearsal of the Judgment Bar. After a very brief moment of silence, in the air was fragranced with melodious songs of Zion by the harpers of the Lord. When the songs finally hit the streets and fell in the ears of the people, one by one they gathered. You could see them; amazed as though they were questioning, ‘.what is this?’ The then Elder Wesley Grant welcomed everyone in Lucea, speaking from the podium. He then greeted Sister Elder Laurretta Munroe. The Elder admonished and encouraged us to be sober minded and never to let this banner trail the ground. After his admonishment the service was dismissed and the saints proceeded to greet the people that stood at the door.

Once more the sounds of harpers filled the air as passerby’s gathered, some peeping through windows and any little holes they could find. (Oh that was so delicious).

Elder Wesley Grant often came forward lifting up his voice according to Isaiah 58.

 1Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

Time and again he said we ought to let the community of Lucea know that this is the Kingdom of God.

The saints unfortunately lost the building so the saints resorted to Montego Bay’s Tabernacle. Sister Ruth James worked hard with others for another place until the Lord answered their prayer. A lumber yard owned by Mr. Trench was found and preparations were made for the saints to worship. During these times of spreading the gospel Brother Kenneth Osbourne was appointed Called Deacon and assigned to this field.

Though the number was small the saints assembled for the first time with Acting Shepherd Boy Roy Williams, Acting Chorister St. Keisha Allen and singer of Israel St Marshalee Brown who was installed to the choir. Called Deacon Osbourne certainly encouraged, taught and often times admonished us about the ways of God. He spoke about Elijah the prophet according to Malachi 4.

During the Sabbath School session young Tyce DeCambre was brought forward to be blessed, as the choir sang, ‘Suffer the children’. As the saints journeyed on St Lincoln Quinland was called on to act as Sabbath School Superintendent.

On Elul 17, 2000 Brother George DeCcambre was baptized as the first member to be baptized from the District of Lucea. On Chisleu 24, 2000 another followed this path – Rateka Wellington.

During all these services in Lucea, the saints of Montego Bay continued to visit their brothers and sisters in Lucea helping to make the service richer. The first committee to be formed was Pastor’s Table; this consisted of St. Iretha Dawes, St. Jacqueline Osbourne and St. Keisha Allen.

During the Passover in April (Abib) 2001, Called Deacon Kenneth Osbourne was ordained a Deacon and St. Roy Williams appointed Shepherd boy for Lucea.  On Bul 24, 2001, for the first time the then Evangelist-At-Large E. Hall visited Lucea’s Tabernacle and Oh what a glorious time they had in the spirit of prophecy. As time went by appointments were made including Father Abraham St. Ian Austin , Chorister St. Keisha Allen, Mother Sarah St. Iretha Dawes and more committees were formed. Surely you could see the works of God, baptisms, blessing of children etc.

In April (Abib) 2007 Deacon Osbourne was anointed and ordained to an Elder and for the first time the saints of Lucea Tabernacle # 13 held the days of holy convocation in their home tabernacle.

As they persist to mount up the Kings highway the saints continued to spread the gospel in this part of the vineyard. God has been pouring blessings into our cups. At this present time the Tabernacle of Lucea now has approximately 30 saints not counting those that have turned back. May Lucea’s Tabernacle continue to grow in the fear and admonition of the Lord.