Walking On Gold


Rev 21:21 “…and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. “

In the summer of 2008 our eyes were riveted to the television and ears to the radio listening to the results of the competitions at the Bird’s Nest at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China. We have been blessed as a country to shout “gold” on a number of occasions, as our athletes have represented us well in the area of track and field. A gold medal is a symbol of the ultimate accomplishment. It speaks to the fact that the competitor has arrived at the point of ultimate success, after having implemented all the tactics they learned during the years of preparation prior to competing in their chosen field.

Let us examine what it took for any of the athletes to even arrive at the Beijing Games as possible contenders in their chosen fields. Each one of them prepared for at least four years prior to the event. The preparation included, but was not limited to: rigorous exercise, continual practice in their specialty area, mental conditioning, proper diet and sleeping habits. Some of them made their achievement look so effortless and easy. It seemed like nothing, they even looked like they enjoyed getting to that point. The fact is they could not have waited until they got to Beijing to begin to prepare for competition. It took many years, months, weeks, days and hours of intensive training to get them to the point where they made us so ecstatic, so grateful, and so happy.

How does this apply to us on our spiritual journey? What are the applications? What are the implications? As saints of Christ, we too have a goal and an aim in view. On that great day when the Lord shall burst the clouds of heaven, we want to be able to not only receive the golden crown of life that will not fade away, but we also want to be able to walk on gold. Just imagine it. We cherish our golden chains, and our golden rings, bracelets and anklets. Yet they are not pure gold. They are what we can afford in this current life. The promise from God, the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, is that we are only going to be crowned with a golden crown but we will walk on streets with gold so pure that it is like transparent glass. Can you even imagine that? Can our small minds imagine gold so pure, that it is like glass?

We cannot wait until Jesus bursts the clouds to be ready to go with Him. The preparation begins now. Each week He gives us Preparation Day, to prepare for worshipping Him on His Holy Day. We have to prepare our hearts, our minds, our physical self, our surroundings, our meals. He has given us this time prior to His coming to make the preparations to be able to walk on gold. How will these preparations be made? Like the competitors in the Olympics, we must seek His Kingdom and His righteouness. We must follow the plan of salvation in order to hear Him say Mat 25:21, “His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. What sweet and glorious words!

Let us begin our preparation in order to hear those words, in order to Walk On Gold!